The upcoming “La sapienza dei Templari “ (“The Wisdom of the Templars“ ) will be the first VR Escape Room in Italy. It will be available soon at Museo Realtà Virtuale (Museum of Virtual Reality) in a multi-player mode, with a maximum of 4 people at a time.

Bring some friends, put on the headset and you will be transported to the early XIV century – before the Great Master of the Templars was burned at the stake with all his mystical, ancient secrets. His Wisdom is locked in a chest, which can be opened only by gathering three sacred artifacts belonging to the Order of the Temple: the Stone of the Sky, the Sword of Ugo De Payns, and the Chalice of Wisdom.

You will explore three historical scenarios: a tower, a castle and a gothic chapel. The interaction with your fellow time travelers is crucial: only together you will be able to find the clues, solve them and collect the artifacts.

Will you be able to make it out in time?

Booking for the VR Escape Room will be available shortly.

Stay tuned!

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