The journey back to Medieval Bologna will allow you to roam about the dusty streets, amidst the chaos of passing chariots and people hanging out in the squares, but will also allow you to visit shops and taverns and – most importantly – to fly above nearly one-hundred towers, making Bologna look like an ancient Manhattan.

The minute architectural details of the buildings, the placement of the towers at the their exact real-life location and the clothing choices of the characters are part of a thorough historical research, coordinated by Carlo De Angelis.


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The reconstruction features a high degree of historical accuracy as well as a 2-sqkm area to be freely explored, with over 1500 buildings and 88 towers.

Experience the daily conversations of people in street, vendors and tavern customers and learn about food and cuisine.

The emotional involvement, as well as the curiosity to be part of another time, will make you aware of every single detail.

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