INNOVATION Experience interactive time travels in the first person. INTERACTION VR is an innovative technology. It is suitable for all ages thanks to special user-friendly headsets. LA MACCHINA DEL TEMPO THE FUTURE IS NOW Our reconstructions are historically accurate and informed by our team of curators and Chief Historians. Experience the discovery of the tomb of Tutankhamon in the first person, pick up the items, and read the hieroglyphs. READ MORE READ MORE Find the clues and solve your way out! Explore our VR escape room. Take a walk around the streets and alleys of Medieval Bologna and fly across 80+ towers. READE MORE LA MACCHINA DEL TEMPO B-TO-B We create custom-built scenarios in order – applying our technologies, skills, and know-how to other projects.


La Macchina del Tempo (The Time Machine) is a consolidated reality in the field of VR historical reconstructions. Our creations can be experienced at the Museo Realtà Virtuale (Museum of Virtual Reality) in Bologna, which has become a must-see for local tourists. Our R&D has recently expanded to the B-to-B creation of custom projects on order, both for private customers or pre-existing exhibits.

VR is a great way to boost your activities, since it is possible to recreate historical scenarios at their peaks, restore their dignity and amaze visitors


Massimo Sinigaglia
Massimo SinigagliaCofounder
Silvia Tugnoli
Silvia TugnoliCofounder
Gianmarco Foschini
Gianmarco FoschiniDubbing Director
Cristian Maillet
Cristian MailletMultimedia Designer
Federica Battaglia
Federica BattagliaProject Manager
Andrea Nanetti
Andrea NanettiGraphic Designer
Pasquale Barile
Pasquale BarileEgyptologist
Scientific supervisor for the “Tutankhamun” project
Claudio Calastri
Claudio CalastriArchaeologist
Scientific supervisor for the “Bononia” project
Carlo De Angelis
Carlo De AngelisArchitect
Scientific supervisor for the “Tower&Power” project

Studio Evil
Technological Partner


La Macchina del Tempo (The Time Machine) was established in 2018 and is located less than 100 meters from the Two Towers in Bologna. Our facility is a 200 sqm room, with 20 comfortable VR seats, headsets and high-performance computers. We welcome anyone – from families to big groups – and we provide a satisfying experience for our fellow time travelers.


Take a walk around the streets of medieval Bologna and jump down one of the towers to fly above the city.


Experience the discovery of the tomb of Tutankhamon in first person, led by the man who discovered it – Howard Carter. Be part of the greatest archaeological discovery of all time.


Take a walk around the streets of Roman Bologna. Visit the Suburra and the domus. Attend a live theater performance.


Sail down the canals which used to run across town. Find out what it was like to live and work in 18th-century Bologna.



Bring your friends and solve your way out of our VR Escape Room. You will be sent back in time to the Templars Lair and you will have to collect some artefacts before your time is up. Explore the tower, the chapel and the castle and find Jacques De Molay’s clues to get back to the present


Test your focus in this scavenger’s hunt. There are 32 modern objects scattered around the Medieval Bologna scenario. You will need to collect as many as you can in 15 minutes, using only a map and your skills.

Shoot the monsters and collect the pumpkins! This Halloween-themed experience allows you to explore the foggy streets of Medieval Bologna. You will have 15 minutes to collect 32 hidden pumpkins… but hordes of monsters will show up to slow you down and stop you. Will you be able to defeat them?

In this version of the game, you will be flying across the 80+ towers which used to be in town and you will be shooting at the flying creatures coming at you! Keep in mind: you will fly on a broomstick and the monsters will come from any direction

A memory game for kids and adults. In the royal Abydos gallery, match the corresponding hieroglyphs. The more you find the pairs, the more you score.

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All our products are available at the Museo Realtà Virtuale (Museum of Virtual Reality). They can be experienced individually, but with more than one person at the same time. Each visitor will be given a seat, a headset and a VR assistant to make the visit as enjoyable as possible.



La Macchina del Tempo (The Time Machine) accepts projects on order, applying the usual historical accuracy and interactive know-how to any custom-built scenario.


TUTANKHAMON: Viaggio verso l’eternità“ is a temporary exhibit in Florence, Palazzo Medici Riccardi, from February 15th to August 31th 2020. Not only you will see over 100 official replicas of the Tutankhamon grave goods and 100 items from the official Egyptian Collection of Museo Archeologico di Firenze, but also – for the first time – you will explore the actual tomb in VR and in first person.


This is a reconstruction of a portion of Corso Marconi in 19th-century Civitavecchia, with S. Maria Church and famous people of the time walking around in the streets. This particular reconstruction can be experienced with a Quest headset.


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